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The Earthquake of January 26, 2001 in Gujarat, India - A Reconnaissance Report and Identification of Priority Issues

Village Adhoi in ruins

Debris removal in village Lakdya

Heaps of rubble everywhere, a daunting challenge for reconstruction

Village roads cluttered with debris

Rural destruction along the highway from Bhachau to Bhuj

Poor were rendered homeless

And rich too…severe damage to a brick masonry building in Village Lakdya

Better built new construction in Lakdya did not collapse

Collapse of a multi-story building in Bhuj

Damaged entrance to walled city of Bhuj

Destruction in walled city, Bhuj

Panorama of destruction, Bhachau

Destruction, Bhachau

Collapse of a multi-story reinforced concrete hotel in Gandhidham

First story collapse in Gandhidham

Collapse of first story was a common feature of urban destruction: A building in Gandhidham

Collapse of the first floor of shopping complex in Bhachau

Collapse of a masonry house in Anjar

First story collapse in Anjar

Single story failure or reinforced concrete building in Bhuj

Severe damage to a bank building

Damaged building of the district administration, Bhuj

Collapse of government living quarters

Damage to electrical sub-station equipment

Replacement electrical sub-station in open

Longitudinal cracks in the national highway to Kandla Port

Damage to industrial units on the highway from Bhachau to Gandhinagar

Damage to industrial unit

An industrial unit in state of collapse, near Bhachau

Tents for homeless

Emergency shelter

Relief stores organized by a NGO in Bhachau